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PRAGUE, 4 - 7 Dec 2005

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List of Submitted Abstracts

List of Submitted Abstracts

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MondayA1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3
TuesdayD1, E1, F1
WednesdayE2, F2, G1
Ader Guillermo, Pfander DorisEvolution of the Ticino Hospitals Medical Information System.C1
Adla T., Kasal P., Hladíková M., Potůčková R., Janda A., Feberová J., Naidr JP, Kubů P., Trnka P.Comparison of evaluation of web presentations of Czech medical institution and foreign radiological educational websitesD1
Adriano-Moran, H. Leicester and A. RoudsariA Web-Based Decision Support System for Modelling TelecareC2
Albarrrak Ahmed I Medical informatics in undergraduate medical studyB3
Alonso A., Roger N., Ehrenberg S., Arnau A., Cerda I., Pastor X., Roca J.Spreading excellence in health care: application of the Internet in collaborative scenarios.C1
Alva I., Blas M., Cabello R., Kimball A. and García P.Risks and benefits of Internet use among people living with HIV/AIDS in Peru.A2
Arrechedera H., Farina Ma.D., Metzner Ch.Tailoring and Managing Contents in the Digital Publication VITAEB1
Arvantis Theo, Gyde Humprey The history of SIM and the changing content of Mednet contributions as a reflection of the different needs of the succeeding generation of doctorsPlenary
Assadi RezaEvaluation of Persian Web Pages to Health and Medicine: a Comparative StudyPoster
Bártík RadekWeb services for data standard register distributionPoster
Baykal Nazike, Altug Kayisoglu, Mustafa KubilayMedicoport domain specific information systemE1
Berman Michael R.The Ephemeris Project: An Internet-based system of journaling, mentoring and advocacy intended to preserve those personal values and ethics fundamental to the Healthcare Professional Student.B2
Bernazzani R., Murelli E., Zanrei G.e-Health & Learning: Health Informatics Training Courses for Practitioners in BangladeshB3
Beun Johan G.Standards in E-healthPlenary
Bouzkova H., Lesenkova E., Kriz F., Charova E.Access to e-resources in the Medical Libraries in the Czech RepublicPoster
Boyer CeliaTrends on Health Internet Use: 9th HON SurveyPlenary
Bratsas Charalampos, Panagiotis Bamidis, Paulo Quaresma, George Pangalos and Nicos Maglaveras An Internet Application to Manage an OWL Ontology for Medical Computational Problem SolvingF1
Britze Torben HagenThe Danish National eHealth Portal- increasing quality of treatment and patient lifeA3
Burg Günter, Djamei Vahid, Kamarachev Jivko , Feit JosefThe project of a webpage for consultation of histology of difficult skin diseasesPoster
Castelnuovo G. ,Cesa G. ,Gaggioli A. , Mantovani F. , Manzoni G.M. , Vincelli F., Molinari E. , Riva G. Building a bridge between psychotherapy and new Internet-based technologies: the VEPSY Updated Project approachA1
Cattarossi G., Cogoi E., Della Mea V., .MizzaroS.PubMed access from mobile devices: existing solutions and a new prototypeE1
Cortez Italo J., Caldera Miguel J. , Ramírez Popo Jesús A. , Cortez Liliana , Jiménez Andrade A. , Castro Luna A.DETERMINATION OF DENTAL ENAMEL DEFECTS BY MEANS OF AN ARSD PROTOTYPEF2
Cortez Italo J., Caldera Miguel J. , Ramírez Popo Jesús A. , Cortez Liliana , Jiménez Andrade A. , Castro Luna A.APPLICATION OF THE TRANSMITANCIA METHOD FOR THE DETECTION OF INTERNAL DEFECTS IN DENTAL PIECESF2
Cortez Italo J., Ramirez Popo J.A., Caldera Miguel J., Cortez Liliana., Jiménez Andrade A., Castro Luna A.COMPUTERIZED CLINICAL SYSTEM (APDSED)B1
Daumke P. , Schulz S. , Markó K.Searching Multilingual Medical Content in the WebE1
Davodi Far, Calicchia C.The Impact of the Internet on the Patient-Physician RelationshipPoster
Dietzel Gottfried T.W.eHealth applications and health cards as key elements in modernizing national health care delivery systems - an international comparisonG1
Della Seta Maurella, Alessandra Ceccarini, Cristina CalicchiaThe Italian translation of NLM MeSH and its web applicationPoster
Dobusch GabiInformation and Knowledge Management in Addiction PreventionA2
Dorup Jens, Dahl Mads, and Simunovic VladimirPatients Internet use in Danish General PracticeA3
Dorup Jens, Dahl Mads, and Simunovic VladimirOpen Source E-learning for Medical Schools in Bosnia-HerzegovinaPlenary
Doupi PersephoneUse of Web resources in personalized disease management: how to evaluate success?Plenary
Romesh M. Joshi ME Yeolekar, RR Kasliwal, M Chopda, RK Sharma, S Kale, A Oomman, S Kinagi, A Naikwadi, S Maroli, RM Joshi, V MoryeEvaluation of Efficacy and Tolerability of Losartan and Ramipril Combination in the Management of Hypertensive Patients with Associated Diabetes Mellitus in India (LORD II Trial)E2
Ehrenberg S., Alonso A., Vallespín B. , Arana , Lozano R., Roca J.Knowledge Sharing and Decision Support for Healthcare Professionals: the Doc@Hand project.C1
Elsner Ch. , Aulkemeyer A., Dahmann U.The Google Approach for EMR: The "Web-EPA" as open standard by Rhön-Klinikum AGC1
Elsner Ch., Mazzi Ch., Berger T. ? A Platform for user Profiling and Medical SurveysE1
Elsner Ch., Baum H.,Neumeier D.,Fiedler M,Wiesmeth H.,Thiery J.Web-based process-optimization from hospital standard-data: A Study on Therapeutic and Economic Impact of the use of (NT - pro) BNPC1
Elsner ChristianWhat is the Opensource Landscape in Healthcare Applications?Plenary
Evans JeanAn Information Model for Cystic Fibrosis Patients and CarersA2
Eysenbach GuntherThe Open Access (OA) advantage: Evidence for preferential citation of Open Access articlesPlenary
Feberová J., Kasal P., Mazánek J.,Dostálová T., Janda A, Polášek J., Potůčkov  R., Šípová S., Heřman P.Distance Learning Course in Open Source SoftwarePoster
Feit J., Jedlickova H., Matyska L., Friml T.Atlas of Dermatopathology with Expert System Features (
Feit J, Feitova V., Matyska L., Hladka E., Hermanova MMultimedia document in teaching pathologyB1
Ferreira Ana MargaridaTeaching Information Security to Medical StudentsC3
Fitch C.J., Adams C.The Internet: help or hindrance in patient care?A1
Garelli L. , Glendenning R. , Havranek P. , C. Van Weel , Goedhuys J. , Pribakovic R.HEALTHFACIL: On-line Continuing Professional Development in Health and Social careB3
Ghevondyan Armen K., Lilit S. Martirosyan The Aspects of Distance Education at High Medical InstitutionPoster
Giannone A. , V.La BellaA tele-consultation system: TELEPET for a value added service network for PETPoster
González C. , Burguillo J.C , LlamasM. , Vidal, J.C and López, D.M Web-Based Intelligent Medical Tutoring SystemsB3
Groenewald HeinerHPC in Germany" The Actual SituationPoster
Gyde HumpreyFrom the logoscope to the semantic webPlenary
Hassinen M., Mussalo P., Laitinen P.A novel security scheme for Health Care web applicationsC3
Hladíková M., Kasal P.Statistical Analysis through InternetPoster
Hofericová JolanaIZIP – electronic access to patients health records
Hladka E., Hrdlicka T.Mobile access to streamed lecture materialsF2
Holub P., Liška M.High-Definition Video Transmissions for Medical Applications and EducationF2
Hronová L., Gavlas S., Laifert M.Coordination center for departmental medical information systemsPoster
MH Hsu , YC Li , and JC Yen Evaluation of˙ websites built by sufferers of endoscopic thoracic sympathectomyD1
Chien Yuen-Chong,Cheng-Yaw Liu, Yu-Chuan Li, Chang-I ChenInternet accessible EKG improve the golden hour of AMI diagnosis for ED physicianA1
Ibraghimova I., Custer R.EurasiaHealth Knowledge Network: Web-based multilingual resources for international communityE1
Ingram-Campbell, SybilAccess To Patient Health Information by First RespondersC2
Iyengar M Sriram and John R Svirbely Computer-based Medical Algorithms: Overview and experiencesF1
Jabor A., Zamecnik M. e-Compendium for laboratory medicine and internetB1
Janda A., Adla T., Feberová J.,Hladíková M., Naidr Jan. P., Jiranova J., Farská H.,Kasal P.Link Popularity and Other Quality Criteria Used in Evaluation of Paediatric Information Resources on the InternetPoster
Járaiová D.Masarykova Hospital in Usti nad Labem - Partner for e-health in Czech RepublicPoster
Járaiová D.Legal form change of the hospital and impact on its information systemsC1
Jaskolski, Elsner , Schindler O., Oussenek K., Zoller S.Responses to unsolicited patient email requests seeking for medical advice: A German Study reloadedA1
Jochem Markus, Wähling S., Holthausen S.Health information on the Net: From classroom teaching to learning through interactionA2
Jones Henry E.The Safety of Internet MedicinePoster
Jones MilesWhere is the Patient, Who is the PhysicianPlenary
Kasal P., Kofránek J., Svačina Š, Čížek J., Feberová J., Šípová S., Farská H., Jiráňová J.Medical Informatics Research Projects New Ways, New ProblemsPlenary
Kofránek J., Andrlík M., Matoušek S.On-line Model-Based Atlas of Pathophysiology: Glimpse into Technological BackgroundB1
Kornel MarkoSearching Multilingual Medical Content in the WebE1
Kuba MartinIntegration of Medical Services Using Semantic Grid TechniquesF1
Kubů P., Peltoniemi T., Trnka P.Localization of SMS tool for alcohol abuse preventionA1
Kubů P., Hladíková M., Adla T., Potůčková R., Janda A., Kasal P.The Quality of Information Resources on the Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Coparison of Different Evaluation MethodsPoster
Kulaksazova R., Hristov E., Popova M., Stoynova M.Bulgarian Drug Agencys Web Site as a Source of Information and ComunicationA2
Kurghinyan AshotShared Information in Patient Care and Follow up at the Austrian Pediatric Hospital of GyumriPoster
Lampe Kristian, Risto P. Roine, Persephone Doupi, Jeroen van den Hoven, Olli-Pekka RyynänenQuality initiatives for online health information: Are they equipped for total quality?D1
Lange Marc or Stephan SchugInteractive telemedicine through satelliteG1
Ledinsky M.Uniform Information GatewayPoster
Lee Ping Hsun,Cheng-Yaw Liu,Yu-Chuan Li,Chang I ChenHigh risk reminder for emergency department physician at observation unitC2
Lesný P., Krásničanov H., Vejvalka J.Web based software for diagnostics of growthPoster
López D.G., Fernández M.J., Rendón A., Figueroa J. and Llamas M.XML as a technology to support the Information Management in Public Health Administrations.F1
Lorizio W. , Sánchez AJ ,Guanip EC. , Bohórquez R. , Romero R. and Marcano FJThe Use of New Technologies in a Venezuelan Department of Obstetrics and GynecologyPoster
Mainz ReinholdThe European eHealth activities(which could better be done by the EC)G1
Malhotra Khamish, Stephen Gardner, David ReesEvaluating embedded mobile internet for remote patient monitoring applicationsC2
Marvin Giovanni; Ader GuillermoNurses' satisfaction with a wireless nurse information systemC1
Moir JamesTeaching about Talking to Patients: A Proposed E-Learning ApproachB2
MureroUnderstanding The Psycho-Sociology of the Internet Behaviour in Context: Patient’s Ill Stress, Coping BehaviourB2
Nabeel.M.KQuality & Reliability of Biomedical Information on the InternetD1
Neal LisaOnline communities to educate and support patients / E- learning for medical educationPlenary
Pacanowski G., Tonya, Codina B., LluísbThe quality of health media information on line: Concepts, Methods and EvaluationPoster
Papik R. ,Peceny OMedical and Pharmaceutical Topics in a Curriculum of Information and Library Studies. 3 Case StudiesPoster
Pradella Riccardo ,Giovanni Romeo,Jan VejvalkaHybrid Courses of the European School of Genetic MedicineB1
Pretlow RobertInternet Anonymity, Advantages and Disadvantages for HealthcarePlenary
Pretlow RobertAn Internet Intervention Outcomes Study of Overweight School ChildrenA2
Rahul ShettyWeb driven technologies to help the busy  Cardiothoracic Surgical Practice and offers hope  for development of similar portals in other specialities with benefit to patientsB1
Ryska.A. Ivan RozkosnyTelepathology consultations through world wide web technologyPoster
Risk Ahmad, Sherine ShalabyThe art and science of creating electronic health records - Report from the real worldPlenary
Sabbatini, R.M.E., Cardoso, S.H., Ribeiro, W., Gontijo de Oliveira, M.T.Interactive digital TV: an experiment on the dissemination of content in the health sciences via the InternetF2
Santoro Eugenio , Valentina Rossi , Chiara Pandolfini , and Maurizio BonatiDEC-NET: the First European Register of Clinical Trials in ChildrenB1
Seifert B., Struk P., Kubů P., Černý V., Henawi, Standardization of informed health self-careA3
Serio A. , Giannone A.Services and informatics system in healthcare company: the need of management and privacy lawC3
Shannon LizLive waiting list information to facilitate key decision making for patients, clinicians and health care professionalsPoster
Schug Stephan or Lange MarcBorderless Communication for a Healthy EuropeG1
Slikke Hans van derAbout Internet integration in EPDPlenary
Small J., Schallau P., Brown K., Ettinger D.,Blanchard S., Krahn G., and Appleyard RJ.Making eHealth Accessible for People with Cognitive Disabilities: Focus on NavigationD1
Snidero S., Stancu A., Morra B., Corradetti R.,Gregori D.Improving collection of health information in WEB surveys using the scale-up estimators approach: a case study in injury prevention and controlE2
Soegijoko Soegijardjo and Pradeep Ray Mobile E-Health Kiosks For Disaster Situations in Developing CountriesA2
Sparpaglione M., Giannone A.Telemedicine and Telediagnosis: Distributed Systems and IntegrationPoster
Stancu A. , Snidero S. , Morra B. , Passali F. , Corradetti R. , Gregori D.Quality control in WEB-based Injury databases: techniques and standards adopted in the EU Registry "Susy Safe"E2
Stock Carol M. a and D. Gesner-MoorebProvider Use & Views of the Internet In Medical PracticeA1
Struk PetrMEDTEL - eHealth Promotion NetworkA3
Svirbely JR. and Sriram Iyengar M.Issues in the Implementation of Computer-based Medical AlgorithmsF1
Šímová A.; Votípková M.The On-line Czech Translation of MeSHPoster
Štěchovská K.,Feberová J.Czech Internet Medical Resources in the National Medical Library (NML), PraguePoster
Tomek I.,Kantor S., Cori L., Weiss L., Mayor M., Weinstein J.Using the Internet to prospectively collect outcomes data for patients undergoing join replacement surgeryPoster
Trnka P., Kasal P., Pokorná M., Hladíková M, Janda A., Naidr Jan P., Feberová J., Kubů P., Potůčková R., Adla T."Building Iformation systém "From the scratch"Poster
Vallespín B., Alonso A., M. de Arana , Ehrenberg S., Pastor X., Roca J.Continuous Mobile Services for Healthcare (HealthService24 project)C2
Vejražka M.E-learning in medical biochemistry: Disorders of acidbasic equilibriumB1
Vejvalka J. , Lesný P. , Turnovec M. , Šnorek M.Assessing background knowledge behind medical algorithmsF1
Vejvalka J.Developing tools for grid-based processing of biomedical dataF1
Vituzzi AndreaRemote usability testing for paediatric web sitesD1
Vyslyy A., Vyslyy Al., Popova T. Using teleconsultations in mass schoolchildren examination aimed at detecting carriage abnormalitiesA1
Woerle KlausTelematics in Ophthalmic Imaging: A Low Cost Solution for the Transfer of Image DataPoster
Wolf, A. Neubauer, A. Kleehaus, Ch. Mazzi, Ch. ElsnerA web service for automated biometric data communication: A model and Economic Impact Study for a retina scanning serviceC1
Zvarova J., Hanzlicek P.Information technologies in continuos shared health careC1

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