MedNet 2005
PRAGUE, 4 - 7 Dec 2005


Dear Colleagues,

within a few years, this annual meeting has become the focal point for developers and users of the medical internet.

We have pleasure in inviting you to participate in Mednet 2005 - the 10th Annual World Congress on the Internet in Medicine with the theme

New Tasks in the Internet Use in Health Care

This year the congress will be organized by the Czech Medical Society.

Internet is the very universal tool for everybody but, on the other hand, it starts to fulfil very special tasks, differing in individual health care fields substantially.

So this year the programme is arranged according to the qualification of health care professionals.

Internet offers very helpful possibilities in care about patients, new ways how to teach easily and more effectively, new tasks and problems for medical libraries and the changing kind of information presentation.

These are only several outlined aspects of those we have to follow. We hope that in scope of our congress, more stimulating themes and ideas will arise.


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