MedNet 2005
PRAGUE, 4 - 7 Dec 2005

Information for Presenters

Dear Authors,

In this page you can find information regarding the preparation of your oral/poster presentation for MedNet 2005, the 10th Annual World Congress on the Internet in Medicine in Prague.

Please make sure that you read carefully the following instructions and conform with the requirements set by the Scientific and Technical Committee.

Oral presentations

  1. Keynote talk
  2. Plenary talk
  3. Sessions

*How much time will be for your oral presentation?

1. The keynotes presentations are organized in time slots of 30 minutes.

2. / 3. The plenary talk and session presentations are organized in time slots of 20 minutes.

The 20 minutes of course comprise the time reserved for questions and answers!

These time slots should be strictly respected so that participants will be given the opportunity to switch sessions.

*What technical equipment will be available?

The congress rooms will offer a laptop/PC with PowerPoint and data projector (beamer).

An overhead projector will be secured per your request (sent to

Speakers will have a possibility to hand in their presentation via CD or flash disk (USB drive) rather than try to connect your own laptop.

Direct on-line connection during the presentation won't be arranged.

Note: Authors are urged to contact their session chairpersons during the break preceding their session.


*Which format should the poster have?

The poster board area is of around 125 cm wide by x 95 cm height and will be at congress hall area.

*When should you mount and remove your poster?

Poster Mounting

Posters should be mounted before or after sessions and during breaks (coffee, lunch) but latest till 13.30 on Tuesday, December 6. Assistance and material for mounting the posters will be available at the registration desk.

Poster Short Presentation

The participants will have a possibility to expose the purport of their poster in 3 minutes short oral presentation on Tuesday, December 6 from 15.20 till 16.20 (Poster session - Presentations) in a congress hall.

If you are interested, please confirm by sending an e-mail to the program chair

Poster Viewing - Discussion

Posters will be displayed in the Poster Area. The poster area is open for poster viewing and presenting during Poster session on Tuesday, December 6 from 16.20 till 18.00 (Poster session - Discussions). Poster authors are requested to be present at their poster during the entire presentation-viewing and discussion - to attend the Poster-walks. During these walks, an expert in the field will discuss posters in the same poster session, together with interested Congress participants.

Removing your poster material

Material should be removed on Wednesday, December 7 from 13.00 till 14.00. If posters are not removed within the time for dismantling, your poster will be removed and destroyed by the congress organizer.

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